Allen Bradley 1336E-B200C-AJ-DS-D11-HJPC-KD-L8EC-MB DRIVE,200HP,460V,CT,291.4A


Allen Bradley 1336E-B200C-AJ-DS-D11-HJPC-KD-L8EC-MB DRIVE,200HP,460V,CT,291.4A

  • Description


    Allen Bradley 1336E-B200C-AJ-DS-D11-HJPC-KD-L8EC-MB DRIVE,200HP,460V,CT,291.4A


    The 1336 IMPACT AC drive is a microprocessor-controlled digital AC Drive

    Letter Voltages

    AQ 200–240VAC or 310VDC

    BR 380–480VAC or 513±620VDC

    CW 500–600VAC or 775VDC

    Great Pricing on all versions including:

    • standard: 0.37 to 485 kW (0.5 to 650 hp) at 0 – 250 Hz constant


    configured: 522 to 597 kW (700 to 800 hp) at 0 – 250 Hz constant


    • high-performance digital speed loop

    • microprocessor-controlled, field-oriented current loop

    • simplified programming through the use of a parameter table that

    features data entries in engineering units with English


    • user-friendly interface with easy commissioning and set up

    • non-volatile parameter storage

    • extensive diagnostics, including both logic board and power

    structure tests

    • 32 entry fault queue and 32 entry warning queue with markers for

    clear fault and power up and with time stamps

    • enclosed construction

    • multiple communication interfaces for SCANport access

    • complete encoder interface through the L Option board

    (quadrature A, A NOT, B, B NOT with encoder supply + 12V)

    • two 12-bit resolution analog inputs for ±10V

    • two 12-bit resolution analog outputs for ±10V

    • one 12-bit resolution 4 – 20mA input

    • one 12-bit resolution 4 – 20mA output

    • 5 or 12V DC pulse input

    • bumpless speed/torque control

    • programmable output contacts (relay)

    • function blocks

    • flux braking, DC braking, and bus regulation

    • DC hold

    • 200/400% motor curve

    Human Interface Module, IP 20 (NEMA Type 1)

    HAB Blank — No functionality

    HAP Programmer Only

    HA1 Programmer/Controller w/Analog Pot

    HA2 Programmer/Controller w/Digital Pot

    Human Interface Module, IP 65/54 (NEMA Type4/12)

    HJP Programmer Only


    We here at Sigma Parts ar experts at quoting Allen Bradley Drives.  Not only do we REPAIR the 1336 drives with a 1 year warranty, we also stock multiple Series and Obsolete Parts.  If you have a RUSH order and need your part shipped UPS RED or FEDEX OVERNIGHT, please let us know and we will arrange an expedited shipping at any cost.  We are here to make your Allen Bradley drive experience easier and better.

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