Allen Bradley 1786-RPFM ControlNet Medium-distance Fiber Module

Allen Bradley 1786-RPFM ControlNet Medium-distance Fiber Module


1786-RPFM ControlNet Medium-distance Fiber Module Allen Bradley

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    Allen Bradley 1786-RPFM ControlNet Medium-distance Fiber Module

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    The Allen Bradley 1785 and 1786 Series of ControlNet processor modules have provided automation solutions for decades.  If you worked with PLC in the 80s and 90s, you surely utilized the style and performance of these larger styled slot rack controls.  Today, although many have been discontinued, we stock many parts and series still carrying the genuine factory seals and warranties.  If you require the performance of a specific series, just ask your SP salesperson.

    The PLC-5 programmable controller stands at the center of a control architecture.  Bringing together existing and future systems by means of networks such as EtherNet/IP, ControlNet and DeviceNet, and offering connectivity among SLC 500ControlLogix, and MicroLogix controllers. Because they include embedded network connections, PLC-5 controllers enable your assembly to be flexible and cost-effective to a wide range of devices.  Distributed control is a system in which control and management functions are spread throughout a plant. Multiple processors handle the control and management functions and use a Data Highway or a bus system for communication.

    From the family of PLC-5 processors, you can choose the processor(s) that you need for your application. Features common to all Classic  processors are: same physical dimensions, the use of the left-most slot in the 1771 I/O chassis, utilization of the same programming software and base set of instructions.  Additionally,  ladder programs and SFCs can be used by any of the processors.  Use scanner mode whenever you want a Classic PLC-5 processor to scan and control remote I/O link. The scanner-mode processor also acts as a supervisory processor for other processors that are in adapter mode.

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