Belimo SY12-120MFT 120V,2-10vdc/4-20mA,NSR, 58sec


SY12-120MFT Belimo 120V,2-10vdc/4-20mA,NSR, 58sec

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    Belimo SY12-120MFT 120V,2-10vdc/4-20mA,NSR, 58sec

    Sigma Parts can quote your motor, valve, actuator, or controller module today.  We ship and drop ship daily Monday through Friday, across the country and the globe.

    Belimo HVAC valve and actuator controls are among the top names in the business.  They are internationally known for their energy efficiency, sleek and safe design, and easily operated parts.  Globe, ball, zone, and Belimo Characterized Control Ball Valves will normally be full line size in 2-position applications.  The ball or butterfly valve is less expensive and has a higher capacity – lower pressure loss — for large valves. In some cases, particularly with butterfly valves, the valve can be reduced a pipe size to save money and still produce a low enough pressure loss. Standard full port and reduced port ball valves and butterfly valves used in 2-position applications can be full line size.  Sizing and selection are performed in the same way as other modulating valves, but the pressure drop is based on the requirement of the system.  For your heating, ventilating, and air conditioning needs for commercial and industrial applications, choose Belimo, a name that you can trust.

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