Copeland Compressor 905-1273-00 TOP PANEL KIT


905-1273-00 Copeland TOP PANEL KIT

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    Copeland Compressor 905-1273-00 TOP PANEL KIT

    This Emerson brand part is available for purchase at Sigma Parts.  Get in touch to check stock and ship date.

    Copeland lstands tall as a global leader of refrigeration and air-conditioning compressors.  They can boast a technical service network spanning 120 countries and the largest compressor R&D center in the world. End users include top end air-conditioning equipment manufacturers, supermarket chains, hospitals, restaurants, laboratories, factories and school districts. Striving to provide you with high-quality compressors and after-sales service, Copeland has revolutionized the refrigeration industry. They contain several unique advantages: energy efficiency, low noise level, and economic running costs. Their compressor quality certification includes:

    • Higher oil standards  • Piston and rod material enhancement   • Molybdenum rings  • Motor protectors
    • Sensor updates  • New-style heads  • New-design valves  • Asbestos-free gaskets •original warranty

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