Fireye 25SU3-2100 Rack Amplifier


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    Fireye 25SU3-2100 Rack Amplifier 19″

    24 VAC/24VDC

    Fireye flame safeguard and combustion controls service the growing commercial and industrial markets. Manufactured in Derry, New Hampshire USA, Fireye has demonstrated a commitment to quality , reliability and cost for more than 70 years. Their product line include flame scanners, sensors, and burner controls (typically a chassis, display, amplifier and programmer) all for the multi-burner environment. Fireye’s temperature control systems are engineered to last, and here at Sigma Parts we offer excellent high quality rebuilds on Fireye Controls.

    Fireye serves a vast amount of sectors – HVAC, Petrochemical, industrial Process Heating, and many manufacturing and refining plants around the world.

    For any technical or sales questions, please contact us anytime.

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