Lochinvar 100110942 NAT BURNER ASSY #33 ORF


100110942 Lochinvar NAT BURNER ASSY #33 ORF

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    Lochinvar 100110942 NAT BURNER ASSY #33 ORF

    The versatile These Lochinvar products are extremely versatile in their application, and come with a 1 year warranty.  Relying upon a global service network for support and training, please follow the below guidelines before attempting to remove or install boiler parts

    • Service and maintenance schedules
    • Inspect boiler area and boiler interior
    • Clean condensate trap
    • Check all piping for leaks
    • Check air openings
    • Flue vent system and air piping
    • Check water system, expansion tank, and boiler relief valve
    • Inspect ignition electrode and ground wiring
    • Check all boiler wiring and control settings
    • Perform start-up operation
    • Check burner flame and flame signal, and flue gas temperature
    • General maintenance, such as cleaning boiler heat exchanger

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