Maxon 600SMM11BA11BA-1A0

M/R GasVlv115v W/VCS-VOS 6″CP

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    Maxon 600SMM11BA11BA-1A0 M/R GasVlv115v W/VCS-VOS 6″CP Maxon, a Honeywell Company, has defined the industry for generations.  Since 1916, they have been a true pioneer in the fields of gas and oil burners, valves for flow control, gas and shut-off, and combustion systems.  Maxon Corp was interestingly enough the first burner manufacturer to be awarded the ISO 9001 certification, a standard in the industry today.  Maxon’s end-users include the wide array you would expect – automotive, dryers, kilns, chemical processes, glass furnaces, plastic thermoforms and flame laminators, printing oxidizers, food processing ovens and washers, textiles, and more of course.
    With the Honeywell connection, you can trust Sigma Parts to provide excellent customer service, drop-ship capabilities, fast, accurate, and dependable shipping options Monday – Friday, year after year for you.  Please let Sigma Parts know if you have any special Maxon requests such as large quantities, expedited ordering, international products, repairs, gas valve design, or technical specifications, , jest let us know thanks!

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