Copeland ZPT592KCE-TED-946 460v3ph Tandem Scroll Comp


ZPT592KCE-TED-946 Copeland 460v3ph Tandem Scroll Comp

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    Copeland ZPT592KCE-TED-946 460v3ph Tandem Scroll Comp

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    The Copeland brand of air compressors are available to ship around the globe, quickly from stock.  Sigma Parts will quote you the best price today for your HVAC needs.  Copeland products are designed save energy, lessen noise, and provide superior reliability and durability.  Tested and proven in high tech facilities everywhere, this Emerson brand of climate technology bears a name that you can trust.  This line has a wealth of applications, which satisfy a range of comfort requirements, safety regulations, and efficiency standards.  Easy to replace, repair, and install, these products provide performance advantages that is unmatched in the industry. Optimized for the commercial air conditioning market, Copeland leads in efficiency and comfort.

    To achieve the Certified Copeland compressor status, every compressor is put through a rigid process in which it is completely disassembled to the bare core, to ensure that you get a compressor remanufactured from the ground up.

    Please contact Sigma Parts today for the best price, lead time, and shipping options.

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